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SPOTLIGHT & REVIEW: "Destructive" by Jessica Prince

Title: Destructive (Deadly Love Trilogy Book 1)
Author: Jessica Prince
Release: June 15, 2014


Men cause nothing but pain.

I live my life by these five words. For me, they have always proven to be true. Men have only brought hurt and suffering my entire life, leaving nothing but devastation in their wake.

I fear them. I hate them.

Until him.

Gabriel forced his way into my life, ripping down the walls I’ve built around myself. He wants me, and he’ll stop at nothing to have me. I should be terrified of what he makes me feel. So why do I crave him anyway?

I see the red flags and warning signs, but I just can’t help myself. I’m his obsession. I thought he was my salvation. But now I know his love could destroy me.

Our Review
4 Stars ****

This is my first book by Jessica Prince, it won’t be my last.  I loved this book. Marley has been hurt by men.  She was used a payment for her mother’s drugs.  She swore she’d never fall for a man or need a man. She’d been beaten, raped, used, and abused.  She would never ever let a man own her. She’s brought herself up out of the gutter, struggled to get a good job so that she could take night classes to further herself in life.  She wants to make a good life for herself so she never has to depend on a damn man.  She’s working as a bartender at Fletcher’s when she meets the man who simply won’t take no for an answer. Gabriel Bertozzi is a man who is used to getting whatever he wants when he wants it.  Not often, has he been told no.  He’s a man who takes revenge to the next level. He’s led a very dark life and still enjoys the darker side of life.  He’s a businessman first but has several other dark pastimes he partakes in.  Can he keep that part of himself away from Marley or will it overtake their relationship? I absolutely loved this book.  It was funny at times, hard at times, and sad at times.  I loved the playful gentle side of Gabe but I loved the smart ass, hard ass side of Marley. They were a great match for one another even though neither of them have ever really done a relationship.  I also enjoyed the sidekicks – Carmen and Aldo – loved them.  They’re both quick to bring Marley and Gabe back to the real world with an ass kicking if needed.   Can’t wait to read more about all of these characters.  This is a trilogy – so be warned – but it’s totally worth it!

~ Shannon D.

Favorite Quotes:

“Let me get this straight. You break into my house, scare the ever-loving shit out of me, and almost get yourself shot just so you can ask me on a date?”

Everything about him turns me on— his voice, the way he smells,  the way he looks, the way he walks. He’s completely devastating to my senses.

I have no doubt that this man is capable of breaking me. But even with all the warning signs, I can’t ignore my desire for him any longer.

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About the Author

I'm a wife, mother, wino, coffee addict and avid a lover of all types of books, but romances are my main favs. My husband likes to say reading is my obsession but I just say it's my passion... there's a difference. 

I've been writing since I was a little kid and I finally decided to take the leap and actually publish when Picking up the Pieces came to me. Now that I've been bitten by the writing bug I just can't seem to stop. 

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