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Review: Darkness Before Dawn by Claire Contreras

Title:  Darkness Before Dawn (Darkness #2)
Author: Claire Contreras
Release Date: May 30, 2013 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Rating: 5 Star *****


Is love ever enough?

Faced with obstacles she could have never imagined, Blake is brought to darkness and back by forces in her past she never knew existed.
Desperate to stay connected to the only thing he loves, Cole is forced to revisit his past and align himself with the people who knew about Blake’s disappearance.
Separation has forced both Blake and Cole to learn how to live under the worst circumstances, each of them alone in their own hell.

When they reunite, can they be the same two people they were before darkness swept upon them?
Told in separate points of view, Darkness Before Dawn is the continuation of Blake and Cole’s fight to make it to the light.

My Review:

We pick up with Cole & Blake right where we left off in There is No Light in Darkness… oh you remember right… that damn cliffhanger to rival all cliffhangers???
Yes right there. Blake has been abducted and Cole is a freaking mess. He can’t eat, he can’t sleep, he can’t do anything but worry and drink himself into a coma. Can you imagine having to deal with Cole while Blake is missing??? OMG poor Aubry, Greg, Aimee, Becky and Mark! I mean talk about a nightmare *sigh* I love how that man loves Blake.

Oh Blake yeah… well the bad guys have her, but why? Who are the bad guys and are the bad guys even bad guys? Confusing I know. I mean the twist and turns and who’s who in this book almost leave you dizzy. You will love and hate so many people at the same damn time. With that said lets talk about Dean. Yes Dean is a bad guy that’s not bad but is bad and that Blake likes maybe a little too much for my comfort and for Cole’s comfort and dang it… I don’t want to like him but I can’t help it. So I get it and I also get why Cole wants Blake far far away from that one. Then there is Connor... he’s a bad guy that’s not a bad guy that you kinda sorta love and so does Blake and Cole. Do you get what I am saying here people???? Just wow… A whole lot of kinda sorta really bad good guys and stuff.

Well we finally piece together what happened to little Cole & little Blake all those years ago. We get to see the facts presented and everyone’s excuses for their part in what happened. Some are forgivable. Some are not forgivable. Here is the thing… even when your life is not caught up in some huge mysterious thriller… lines are crossed, lines blur, people hurt you, you forgive, you deal, you move on and hopefully, just hopefully the good and the love out weight all the shit you had to go through to get where you are. Does that make sense?

Cole is one of the best written heroes ever. He is fierce in his love and protection of the people he considers family. He fears nothing. He is dominating and HOT as hell and he jumps off the page and in your face and you love every minute of it. I LOVE the way he loves Blake. I get angry at her for making him have to prove it over and over again. I understand why she is so insecure and has this need to protect the people she loves but it takes her fooooorever to “get it”.  Cole isn’t going anywhere. Even if he could or should. The rest of the motley crew of misfits is absolutely awesome. We all need people like this in our lives. People who love you flaws and all. People who will sleep in a pile on your living room floor just to be near you when you need them. People who hold you up when you don’t have the strength to hold yourself up anymore. Every single character in the book won my heart (well except for that one). Honestly I don’t think I have read a book with better written secondaries ever.

So it was really hard to write this review without giving away anything but I did my best. All I can say is if you haven’t read There is No Light in Darkness… GO DO THAT NOW and then read Darkness before Dawn… AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Just trust me. I remember thinking a romantic thriller? Really? I don’t know if that’s for me… I am SO glad I took a chance on these. They are in my Top 10 favorites. Also, after you read these head over to the author’s website and read the 22 Page Epilogue for the series that is just a great bitter sweet send off of these characters that have stolen your heart.

Favorite Quote:

“No, I was not involved with Blake. You are not just involved with the person that causes your world to make sense. You live for that person. You breathe for that person. So no, involved, is not the word I would use to describe my relationship with Blake.
Blake is everything to me. She’s not somebody I’m involved with, she is my reason, my everything.”


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