Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review - Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

Title:  Beautiful Stranger
Author: Christina Lauren
Release Date: April 16, 2013 by Gallery Books

Rating: 4 Star ****

My Review: 

Sara Dillion is a scorned woman. An heiress who’s man was climbing the political ladder in Chicago. She was the beautiful and dutiful trophy fiancé. Always smiling for the cameras and supporting his aspirations… but something was missing… not for Andrew of course, he was getting what was missing all over the city. Hurt, embarrassed and needing an escape she heads to New York with her best friend Chloe and her fiancé Bennett Ryan to take a position at Ryan Media’s new NYC Headquarters.  This is her big chance to reinvent herself… and boy does she ever!

While out at a club celebrating with the girls she meets Max Stella. He is a Beautiful Stranger and his stare and intense presence set her on fire. She decides to take this “New Sara” for a spin and has a hot encounter with a stranger in a dark corner of a packed club. Wow… it was a rush! She is proud of herself and walks away without a glance backwards.

Max is a Page Six darling. He is rich, single, gorgeous, British and is quite use to woman throwing themselves at him. He’s content with his playboy lifestyle and reputation so why can’t he seem to get the little vixen from the club out of his head? He has no way of getting in touch with her… no name, no number… just a video on his phone of her dancing that is driving him insane. Thank goodness he runs into his old college flatmate Bennett Ryan and sees that the lunch companion of he and his fiancé is none other than his fantasy girl. Now he has a name and a place of employment. Bennett is very protective of Sara and refuses to help Max get close to her so he is on his own.

Max is determined to get to know Sara and Sara is determined to not get close to Max. She is drawn to him and the wild abandon he offers. The thrill of public encounters that barely miss discovery and the erotic photos he takes of her make her feel alive and free… but she doesn’t want to be in another relationship with the cameras flashing every time they are together. She doesn’t want to slip back into the life she had before… but she can’t deny the pull she has toward Max so she offers him an arrangement that should satisfy them both. It’s any man’s dream deal… sex with a beautiful woman with no commitment necessary. Is it possible? Can she keep the “New Sara” and have Max? Can she keep pushing the envelope without being discovered or getting her heart involved?

I loved this book. It keeps true to the Beautiful Bastard series with a powerful alpha male but with a female lead that is no shrinking wallflower or timid virgin. I love strong female characters. Christina & Lauren gave us that with Chloe and they delivered with Sara as well. I also enjoyed Bennett & Chloe’s presence in this book. Bennett is protective of the ladies in his life *squee*.  Bennett and Max have a lot in common but Max is a tad more personable and playful than Ben. He doesn’t take himself so serious and I liked that about him. I also love that he’s kind of a momma’s boy ;) .

This is definitely a must read.

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